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Marvel producer on LGBTI characters in future films: ‘Stay tuned’

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X-Men Days of Future Past

Shawn Ashmore wants to portray Iceman as gay

Marvel has once again teased fans with the potential of LGBTI characters in future films.

Stephen Broussard, a producer on Antman and the Wasp, has asked people to ‘stay tuned’.

He was asked by Den of Geek about whether there will be LGBTI characters in the future.

‘For sure, you will see that,’ he said.

‘I know it can be frustrating if you’re part of a group that wants to see more representation and the answer is always ‘stay tuned’ – I can imagine that that’s frustrating – but that is happening behind the scenes, you’re going to be seeing that more and more. Representation across individual groups in the years ahead.’

Many critics blame the lack of LGBTI representation in mainstream blockbusters on China.

As the second largest box office behind the United States, producers will do anything to ensure films are not censored or banned in such a big market.

But there are hints of change at Disney.

Next up for Marvel Studios is Captain Marvel, the first MCU film to be headed by a female hero. The film stars Bri Larson in the title role and be available nationwide on 8 March.

Who will be Marvel Studios’ first LGBTI characters? 

Tessa Thompson plays Valkyrie

Earlier this year, Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege promised fans will get at least two LGBTI characters.

One of which, it is assumed, is Valkyrie last seen in Thor: Ragnorak.

Tessa Thompson, who plays the character, confirmed the warrior is bisexual.

Then a scene from the film confirming her sexuality was cut.

The same thing happened when a LGBTI scene was cut in last year’s mega-hit Black Panther.

However, Marvel has bought the rights to the X-Men. So, potentially, we could see Iceman return as an out gay superhero. Alternatively, couple Wiccan and Hulkling could make an appearance.

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