Mass Shooting in Hawaii? Star Advertiser fake FBI Warning?

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KHON: Governor Ige and Mauna Kea protectors both call for a stop to use of threats via social media

Mass shooting in the Hawaii State Capitol this weekend is a warning after Hawaii Governor Ige admitted getting death threats. This is not good for the Travel and Tourism Industry of the Aloha State, the largest export for Hawaii.

This terror warning for Hawaii was the threat on a Facebook page posted last night after Hawaii Governor David Ige gave a press-conference urging both sides in a long-time ongoing dispute of the building of a Telescope on Mauna Kea on the Island of Hawaii. The governor urged both sides in the dispute to halt all threats as such threats are getting more aggressive and violent.

According to the FBI, a threat was reported at last nights press conference, but no bulletin or warning was issued to the public or the press.

The Star Advertiser, a major Hawaii News publication quoted a statement issued by the FBI, what the bureau is denying having issued.

The FBI told eTurboNews, the case was given to Honolulu Police department to investigate. According to Star Advertiser, the FBI alert identified George Sopi, 29, as the apparent author of the threat. It adds that “Sopi has made other recent social media posts about violence towards Hawaii Governor Ige and other mass shootings.”

According to the FBI bulletin referred to by the Star-Advertiser, Sopi has a criminal history that includes assault, assault against a police officer, and marijuana offenses. The bulletin also said Sopi appears to have access to a firearm.

When eTurboNews called the FBI field office in Honolulu such a bulletin was never issued, but it appears the threat was real.

State Attorney General Clare Connors said in a written response to questions that Sopi has not been arrested by the Hawaii Department of Public Safety of state attorney generals investigators.

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