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Max Emerson measures boyfriend for condom in best promo of safer sex ever

Written by gaytourism

Max and Andres | Photo: Instagram/andrescamilo___

Actor and YouTuber Max Emerson has found an attention-grabbing way of promoting safer sex: measuring his partner for a condom and sharing the pictures online!

The star of Hooked shared the pics of he and his boyfriend Andres Camilo yesterday. The cute couple were in a special booth in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.

Photo: Instagram/maxisms

The guys were at SKYN ‘condom’s fitting room’ booth, which was erected for Tokyo Pride.

‘Unfollowing and boycotting’

Earlier this year, Max and Andres were targeted by homophobic trolls after Tiffany & Co. shared a picture of the pair wearing one of their rings.

Despite attracting hundreds of positive comments (example: ‘Thanks Tiffany! You’re on the correct side of history!’) some also said of the guys: ‘Unfollowing and boycotting’, ‘This is NOT Love !!!’ and ‘I hate this, this is disgusting’.

Clearly, the guys have paid them no mind!

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