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Meet the hunky gay guys who want to go cruising with you this summer

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Open Sea Cruises promises to be one of the most wild parties on the seas this summer, with the most hunky gay guys imaginable on board.

Starting in Barcelona on 29 September, the cruise glides through Ajaccio and Toulon in France, Palamós in Spain and then ends with a massive two-day farewell party in Ibiza.

Open Sea Cruises announced superstar RuPaul as the headlining DJ for the week-long cruise extravaganza.

The other entertainment includes Eurovision winners Conchita and Loreen, as well as the Vengaboys and Icona Pop.

There are also fabulously-themed nights like a sexy cabaret night, a huge Eurovison party, a 90s night and an Extravaganza night.

The cruise will also feature the hunky Bear-Naked Chef, offering a wide variety of sizzling cooking classes.

But what type of other guests will you see?

Well, here are just three:

Jeroen Kerkhof

Jeroen Kerkhof (better known as Jaye or ‘Jaye to the Kaye’) was born and raised in the Netherlands, but just came back from living in America for almost three years.

He’s a freelance graphic designer and describes himself as a ‘creative fanatic’.

Kerkhof is single and open to whatever comes his way. He’s an avid traveler and says ‘traveling is one of the best ways to educate oneself.’

Jaye Kerkhof. | Photo: supplied

He continued: ‘Seeing the diversity but also the similarities of all the different facets of the world makes you feel much more connected with one another and teaches you what’s important in life.’

This is not Kerkhof’s first cruise but he says he’s excited to go on this one to ‘touch upon so many interesting destinations in such a short time with a great crowd and wonderful entertainment.’

As for where he’s looking forward to traveling the most, he said Ibiza ‘stole’ his heart the last time he was there.

He’s also excited for Ajaccio ‘for its culture and history and Corsica because he’s heard a lot of good things about it.

Barcelona has it all, according to Kerkhof.

‘I really like Barcelona because it contains the most important facets of a great vacation to me,’ he said. ‘Sun, beach, culture, art, architecture, good food, laid back vibe and a lot of beautiful Spanish men.’

Jaye Kerkhof

Jaye Kerkhof. | Photo: supplied

He’s also really looking forward to RuPaul’s DJ set. Kerkhof said: ‘I remember drag shows on a cruise (and in general) are so much fun.

He added: ‘So imagine the thrill for a drag show by the Mother herself!’

You can follow Jaye on Instagram.

Roi Sastre

Roi Sastre, 30, is originally from Móra d’Ebre in Spain but now lives in Barcelona.

He met his boyfriend Xavier Lianes six years ago at a party through mutual friends. Sastre says his boyfriend is the complete ‘opposite side’ of him, but that’s why they get along so well.

They’ll be on the cruise together.

Roi and his boyfriend

Roi and X. | Photo: supplied

Sastre started doing Vines around three years ago, but when the social media site closed down, he moved to making hilarious videos for Instagram.

He loves entertaining people and especially loves traveling, but this will be his first cruise.

Ibiza is his one of his ‘favorite places in the world’ because it has the ‘most magical nights in the world’. He’s also super excited to explore Ajaccio and Toulon because he’s never been before.

He’s also excited about Palamós for its ‘magical sea side.’

Roi Sastre on a beach shirtless in his speedos

Photo: supplied

‘Everyone loves to travel,’ he said. ‘Meeting new people, new places, new ways of thinking and new cultures. For me, that’s a must in life!’

As for who he’s most excited about seeing on the cruise, he emphatically said: ‘Rupaul!

‘With any doubt,’ he added. ‘I’m such a big fan.’

You can follow Roi on Instagram or his video Instagram account.

Roberto M. Cabrera

Roberto Cabrera, 35, lives between Madrid and Seville in Spain. He’s an emergency nurse and describes himself as a ‘dynamic, cheerful and friendly person.’

And fellas, this gay Spaniard is single and ready to mingle.

He loves traveling and says his favorite thing to do is experiencing different ways of life and learning about diverse cultures.

Roberto Cabrera on a beach

Roberto Cabrera on a beach. | Photo: supplied

Cabrera reveals the Open Sea Cruise will be his first ever cruise and he’s super excited.

When asked what stop he’s looking forward to the most, he said: ‘Without a doubt – Ibiza.’

He’s always wanted to go and says he’s looking forward to the ‘wonderful beaches’. He also loves Barcelona for its ‘multiculturalism and the concept of the city’.

As for his favorite performer on the cruise? ‘Since I listened to Eleni in Eurovision, I always hear Fuego in my playlist,’ he said. ‘I love Loreen and of course, RuPaul.’

You can follow Roberto on Instagram.

Open Sea Cruises is a client of Gay Star News. For more information, visit the Open Sea Cruises website. Prices start at €777 (£699 $899)

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