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Meet TheNudeYorker who shoots naked selfies in the world’s hotel rooms

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Franklin Liranzo is TheNudeYorker (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

A photographer and dancer has chosen an unusual way to document his travels: Taking naked or near-naked selfies in the hotel room where he stays.

Franklin Liranzo is a professional photographer and Latin dancer. He was born and raised in the Dominican Republic until the age of 12, then relocated in 1996 to New York City.

His home city has inspired the name of his Instagram account, TheNudeYorker.

Franklin Liranzo is TheNudeYorker

Franklin Liranzo is TheNudeYorker (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

Liranzo said the idea for the account came to him one afternoon when he was getting ready to go out following a major dance competition in Miami, Florida.

‘I saw this beautiful light coming through my hotel window. I was wearing underwear and picked up my camera and took a shot.

He was taken by the result.

‘I loved the colors and the way the light wrapped around me. From that moment I began to take professional selfies in every hotel I went to. I travel a lot for work.’

He now aims to take similar selfies in every hotel he stays in (provided they have large windows and adequate lighting). The Instagram feed also includes some outdoor shoots.

Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah

Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

‘Fascinated by the human form and the many incredible things we can do’

Despite the images here, he’s not someone who spends most of his time naked.

‘The funny thing is that by definition, I’m not a nudist, nor do I think I’ll become one.

Franklin Liranzo entangled with a luggage rack

‘Be creative, let your imagination run wild, don’t tame it… whatever you can use in a creative way, do it!’ (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

‘As soon as I take the photos I dress up right away. I have yet to visit a nudist beach or establishment. However, as a dancer I’m fascinated by the human form and the many incredible things we can do! Also, living in such a conservative country (the USA) has always rubbed me the wrong way; how nudity is viewed in a bad light – no pun intended!

Flexing in Seoul, South Korea

Flexing in Seoul, South Korea (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

‘TheNudeYorker became a platform to disassociate nudity from pornography. While some of my poses can be sensual and even sexual, they are done in good taste.

Although now dedicated to photography and dancing, Liranzo previously served in the US Navy. He says this helped tackle any inhibitions he may have had.

The cabin of a cruise ship!

The cabin of a cruise ship! (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

‘While I was never bothered by nudity, it became even less worry about it while serving in the US Navy. During bootcamp training I found myself having to shower with 80 other naked men in less than five minutes. I then became a medic in the armed forces, which also meant seeing the human body in other sorts of circumstances.’

Franklin Liranzo performs a headstand

New York (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

‘I often asked for the quietest rooms’

Having shot in many hotel rooms, I wonder if he has pet hates when it comes to hotels?

‘During my many hotel-room shoots i find myself moving furniture around, to set the stage/mood for the session. Trust me when I tell you: no hotel – despite its high or low ratings – has been impeccable.

Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram

‘Many of us are constantly looking for our light, while others find it right away, or settle for the little given to them… what’s your light?’ (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

‘As soon as I move the pieces, I find dust ‘bunnies’: dirt, trash and just about anything else that could make guests unhappy. It also baffles me how I always place the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my door, and some employees still dare knock on my doors to ask if I want my room made up.

‘I like rooms that are exposed to the sun the longest. Also, I enjoy being as high as possible, as it decreases the chances of other people seeing me naked. I truly enjoy quiet places and often ask for the quietest rooms.’

Franklin Liranzo

Another hotel room, another town… (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

Liranzo says he is currently single and not dating and enjoys his alone time.

A personal journey

Until now, the bulks of Liranzo’s photography work has been through commercial work: headshots, portraits, events and weddings. TheNudeYorker has led to him getting commissions from clients who wanted to make use of his sense of space and light, as well as his comfort with nudity.

He’d love to be more commissioned for more travel work as travel is one of his passions.

TheNudeYorker in Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

‘The Nude Yorker – is a study of light, shadows and space through the human form. It is a personal journey to discover and appreciate my body, while showing the world that a nude body is at its most beautiful state.’

More info: and TheNudeYorker

Iceland Franklin Liranzo

Iceland (Photo: Franklin Liranzo | @TheNudeYorker | Instagram)

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