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Megan Mullally on the real reason the Will & Grace season 8 finale was ignored

Written by gaytourism

Megan Mullally has given her take on why Will & Grace writers chose to ignore the season eight finale before its revival last year.

Speaking at a press conference in London, the actress said: ‘What they were struggling with was the fact that if Will and Grace have children, they have to pay a lot of attention to the children or they’re horrible parents.

‘They didn’t really want Will and Grace to have to be parenting. So they just decided to pretend the finale never happened.’

Megan, who plays the possibly bisexual Karen in the show, furthermore added: ‘I thought in a way all bets were off because no show has even come back like that, in the way that we did. So I thought, “They can do whatever they want.” The rules don’t apply because it’s unprecedented.’

‘I think yes, they were a little worried’

Sean Hayes, who plays Jack, also shared his thoughts on the matter. ‘I think the writers got together months and months ahead of time. They went around and around for weeks about all of the things you’re talking about.’

He furthermore continued: ‘So they really weighed all of the options, and the considerations the audience might have, the pre-conceived expectations. So I think yes, they were a little worried about all of that.

‘But in my opinion it’s so cleverly, brilliantly addressed through this character [Karen], that it was all a dream, you know, in the first 45 seconds, she laid out all the pipe.’

Will & Grace originally ran for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006. It returned last year to strong reviews.

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