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Members of K-pop girl group ‘TWICE’ make out on stage, crowd goes wild

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K-pop girl group TWICE. | Photo: Facebook

Two members of the hugely popular K-pop girl group TWICE just made out on stage.

The passionate kiss happened during a show at the Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok, Thailand tonight (18 August).

The group consists of nine members, but two in particular seem to be very comfortable around each other.

After the group finished a song, Jeongyeon whips off her sunglasses and turns to Nayeon.

The pair pull each other close together as Nayeon puts her hands over her band mate’s shoulders.

They then both lean in for a 5-second make out sesh, as they turn their backs to the audience and the lights go down.

The crowd goes wild.

The pair were also grinding up against each other during the whole performance.

Viral social media response

Countless Twitter accounts began posting recordings of the kiss to social media and it started spreading online.

One Twitter user posted a video with the caption: ‘NAYEON AND JEONGYEON FUCKING KISSED!!!’

Another tweeted: ‘2yeon outsold all the gays, they are the gay legends.’

It’s not the first time Jeongyeon and Nayeon caused controversy for getting a little close on stage.

Earlier this year, they grabbed each other’s butts on stage to thunderous applause from the audience.

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TWICE formed in 2015 through reality television show Sixteen.

They rose to fame with their hugely popular single Cheer Up in 2016. It was the best-performing single of the year and also won Song of the Year at two major music awards shows — Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards.

In a recent interview to promote their new single Dance the Night Away, band member Jihyo said: ‘All of the songs that we release, each of the songs they have a “killing part”.

‘They’re really easy to memorize and even our dances, there are parts that are easy to follow along,’ she said.

TWICE also recently covered Jackson 5’s I Want You Back.

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