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Milk’s boyfriend, ballet star James B. Whiteside, on their open relationship

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James B. Whiteside (Photo: Charles Ludeke | Loverboy)

James B Whiteside is the gay Renaissance man that you might not have heard about.

The New York-based performer is a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, sometime drag queen (Ühu Betch) and singer (JBDUBS). He’s also the partner of former RuPaul Drag Race contestant, Milk (Daniel Donigan).

Whiteside has just done an exclusive photo shoot with Loverboy magazine. Besides posing for some playful and sexy photos in his home city, he gives an insight into his relationship and many interests.

James B. Whiteside

James B. Whiteside (Photo: Charles Ludeke | Loverboy)

‘I fancied myself as a little 10-year-old Judy Garland’

He puts his love of music down as the primary reason for being drawn to dance.

‘My first love is music, it’s the reason I dance. I started with jazz, tap and acrobatics. I fancied myself as a little 10-year-old Judy Garland. My love of ballet was acquired over years of arduous training and exposure. Now I couldn’t live without it.’

Asked about his sideline in drag and pop performance, has anyone in the ballet world ever told him to tone down the gay side of things if he wants to progress?

‘I’m sure people think it all the time,’ says Whiteside. ‘Let me be frank, I don’t want to be the CEO of Goldman Sachs. I’m an artist and therefore will do whatever I damn well please. I’m sure it has hindered my career at times, but at the same time, it sets me apart from others. Either way, I feel fulfilled and honest.’

James B. Whiteside

James B. Whiteside (Photo: Charles Ludeke | Loverboy)

Whiteside has been with Donigan ( a breakout star of season six of RPDR) for almost ten years now.

Asked whether their relationship is open and the secret of their success as a couple, he says, ‘There is no secret. We respect and support each other. There is a wild love and a deep care that develops over time, something that transcends appearances and sex lives. We are in an open relationship. Enough said.’

Read the whole interview at Loverboy.

James B. Whiteside

James B. Whiteside (Photo: Charles Ludeke | Loverboy)

Milk (Daniel Donigan) and partner James B. Whiteside featured in an ad campaign for Kenneth Cole pride sneakers last year (Photo: Kenneth Cole)

Loverboy images: Charles Ludeke (@charlesludeke) Stylist: James Veloria. Grooming: Michael Moreno.

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