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Milo Yiannopoulos drops $10 million lawsuit against former publisher

Written by gaytourism

Milo Yiannopoulos. | Photo: Facebook

Alt-right poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos wants to drop his $10 million lawsuit against his former publisher.

Publishers Simon & Schuster had signed the controversial and gay Yiannopoulos to write his memoir Dangerous.

But then they dumped the writer and far-right commentator last year after video surfaced of Yiannopoulos defending sex between older men and young boys.

Yiannopoulos filed papers in New York State Supreme Court on Tuesday. In those papers he asked that the case be ‘dropped without costs or fees to either party’.

He sued the publishers for breach of contract after they dropped his book and declared he would represent himself in court.

Simon & Schuster had tried to get the lawsuit dropped but a New York Judge ruled the case to go ahead.

Yiannopoulos self-published Dangerous, which came out 4 July, 2017 and which he claims he made more than $1 million from.

Milo’s statement

Yiannopoulos took to social media to explain the ‘tough decision’.

‘I think they signed my book knowing they’d never publish it and then tried to make me walk away with excessive editing (you’ve all seen the manuscript!) and demands,’ he wrote.

‘In the end, they just nuked it and took their chances.’

The writer claimed he didn’t want to spend the money he made from self-publishing Dangerous on a lawsuits.

‘I would rather use it to help other authors reach the conservative audience that Simon & Schuster hates so much (but is happy to profit from, naturally),’ he wrote.

‘Worse, Simon & Schuster is the publisher who proved we don’t need them.’

Yiannopoulos took social media a second time and seemed proud of the fiasco around the lawsuit.

‘I cost Simon and Schuster a fortune in legal fees and gave them one hell of a bloody nose,’ he wrote.

‘My book was a New York Times bestseller for five weeks and made me millions.

‘The era of all-powerful publishers and cowering authors is over. We can do it without them!’

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