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MNEK demonstrates how to shut down a homophobic hater

MNEK demonstrates how to shut down a homophobic hater

MNEK in the video for Tongue (Photo: YouTube)

Hugely-talented UK dance and pop producer MNEK dropped a new track, Tongue, a couple of weeks ago. The stomping track finds the London-based artist declaring his love for a would-be suitor. The video pulls no punches when it comes to showing what the song’s about.

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However, the authentic and honest nature of the video has not gone down well with everyone. One commentator online has prompted a lengthy response from MNEK himself. His comeback only makes us love him all the more.

His critic left a comment beneath the video saying, ‘Call me old fashioned but this is so so wrong.

‘Look in this guy’s eyes. You can clearly see a demon is in control of this guy and is doing this gay thing so it can poison young minds. I’ve just seen this video on MTV Hits where near enough everyone of all ages views it and this gay stuff has all become so normal. The end of times is near. Pray for forgiveness.’

MNEK Instagram posting

‘I’m aware it’s not something everyone’

MNEK was not going to take that lying down. He screen grabbed the message and posted it to his own social media with the following statement.

‘First of all, I’d like to say a continued thank you to everyone who’s been supporting #TONGUE, still – it means the world.

‘@bradleyandpablo [director] and I took a risk and I’ve received such amazing messages from people old to young, black to white saying how much they’re enjoying my music.

‘OBVIOUSLY, throughout what I’m doing, there will be people who don’t like it, don’t get it, or are just straight up uncomfortable with how gay it is. I’ve been working in this industry for a long time and have earned the right to now perform in a way that exhibits the true me.

‘I’m aware it’s not something everyone is used to seeing but that’s exactly why I wanted to do it. Loving another man is not a demonic act, especially not in a music video!

‘If videos like mine can help a young kid come to terms with their truth, I’m doing more good in the world than a keyboard warrior – soooooo If you’re a homophobe and want to spray hate on comments etc etc. you should know that my moodboard rn is BLACK FAGGOT POP SUPERSTAR 💅🏾 so it’s about to get eeeeeven gayer – whether ya like it or NAHHTTT. get with the program or get out!’


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