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Moms standing up for their LGBTI kids and equality will warm your heart

Written by gaytourism

Adam Rippon and Kelly Rippon. | Photo: HRC

Most moms would fight tooth and nails for their kids and make sure their protected in the world.

To celebrate moms of LGBTI kids and how their children made them fight for equality, the ‘Moms for Equality’ was launched.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) launched the campaign which features some A-list moms.

Sally Field, Betty DeGeneres (Ellen’s mom), Jodie Patterson, and Adam Rippon’s mom, Kelly have shared their stories in the Moms for Equality campaign.

Family Circle named Jodie Patterson one of The 20 Most Influential Moms of 2018 by Family Circle magazine and is also a member of the HRC Parents for Transgender Equality Council.

Sally Field wrote a beautiful tribute to her son, Sam.

‘At 20, Sam came out proudly as a gay man: to us and to a world where some still hate you just for being different,’ she wrote.

‘Ten years later and that hate seems to have only gotten stronger. But with you, we can help stop hate in its tracks.’

Free t-shirts!

The campaign was important because LGBTQ youth still face disproportionately high rates of bullying, anxiety and depression, and other challenges.

‘By joining HRC, these remarkable moms and advocates are standing up for their own kids and millions of LGBTQ youth across the country,’ said Olivia Dalton, HRC Senior Vice President for Communications and Marketing.

‘That’s why it’s so powerful to have moms and parents from all walks of life coming together to organize, advocate and lead our country in a more affirming, inclusive and supportive direction.’

To those who want to join the membership campaign, HRC is offering limited edition “Fight Like A Mother” t-shirts.

‘Kindness, acceptance and love. Those are the traits my mom and my grandmothers built into our family,’ said HRC Director of Diversity Nicole Cozier.

‘When I became a mom myself, I made sure to weave those same traits into mine, and as a staff member at HRC, I like to think we’re weaving those traits into the world around us, too.’

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