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More Yale incoming freshman identify as LGBTI than conservative

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Yale during the fall | Photo: Facebook/Yale University

It’s coming up on fall and that means one thing — school is officially back in session. At Yale University, they surveyed their incoming freshman and found more of them identify as LGBTI than conservative.

The Yale Daily News conducted the survey, Class 2022 by the Numbers, polling 864 of the 1,578 new students.

‘No matter where you are from, or who you are, or your path to arriving here, now you are — among other things — a member of this community,’ said University President Peter Salovey.

‘You belong here. You are citizens of Yale.’

Two Ls: Left-leaning and LGBTI

Most of their new students identify as heterosexual — 76%, to be exact.

9% identify as bisexual or pansexual, while another 6% are questioning. Finally, 5% identified as gay or lesbian in the survey, 3% identified on the asexual spectrum, and 1% chose not to answer.

Yale Survey

Responding to the sexuality question | Photo: Yale Daily News

More people identifying as female responded to the survey. 7%, however, identified as gender-queer.

Then, a majority of their new students identified either as somewhat or very liberal, as shown by the pyramid below.

Yale Survey

How their politics fall | Photo: Yale Daily News

Overall, most of the students (44%) identified as somewhat liberal, while 30% said they were very liberal.

For conservative students, only 9% said they were somewhat conservative and a final 1% said they were very conservative.

These numbers show that out of all the incoming students, more of them identify as part of the LGBTI community than those who say they’re conservative in their politics.

Evolving demographics

These numbers reflect a general trend of both support for LGBTI people and those who say they’re part of the community.

A Gallup poll from earlier this year revealed that a record number of people in the US support same-sex marriage.

Another Gallup poll showed that more adults in the US now identify as LGBTI than ever before.

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