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Negotiating the Travel Jungle – Part 1

Why Has It Become So Dense?
You are excited. You’re planning your annual holiday trip to Asia anticipating all the fun you will find in the bars and from the apps. Your only decision? Where to go and how to get there.
Well, not quite, unfortunately for there are a lot of pitfalls long before you get to your exotic destinations! The most obvious one is your travel arrangements.
Can I Afford to Stay in this Lovely Thai Hotel?
Let’s assume that you want to fly first (no dears, not first class – first sectors!) from Edinburgh to Singapore at the back of the plane in steerage. After a few days shopping, lying by a pool to get over jet-lag, cruising the often great eye candy along Orchard Road or even spending some more energetic time in a gay sauna and elbow-bending in a gay bar, it’s time to move on.
You decide on the regular bus service up to Kuala Lumpur, far easier and only a fraction longer than taking a flight. Those hot Malay and Chinese guys are all over the apps these days. So you won’t even need to wander far from your hotel!
Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Twin Towers
You then continue on to

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