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Neil Patrick Harris gives amazing advice on coping with stress and rejection

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Neil Patrick Harris | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Neil Patrick Harris has given some great life hacks on coping with stress and rejection.

The How I Met Your Mother actor shared his top tips in an AMA on Reddit yesterday.

Asked how he copes with stress, Neil said: ‘Sleep helps. As does cardio. As does therapy.’

‘Meditation is the key’

The dad to seven-year-old twins Gideon and Harper furthermore added that he and husband David Burtka are fans of meditation.

‘Meditation is the key’ he wrote. ‘I don’t do it nearly enough, but quieting the mind just makes sense. My husband David does it twice daily, and he’s all the more remarkable for it.’

Another fan said to Neil: ‘I think that you are a great person and a great example for pretty much anyone. What advice would you give to somebody who struggles socially and gets very anxious when the possibility of rejection is present?’

‘Look forward to failing’

Neil didn’t mince his words in his answer.

‘Fuck rejection,’ he said. ‘The fear of it prohibits taking action, and we only grow through experience, right? So do stuff. Try stuff. Fail. Look forward to failing. It is necessary to teach you how to improve.

‘That’s my advice. Keep on doing stuff. And maintain perspective to try and keep growing. Do things that make you nervous. Out of your comfort zone. The rewards are countless.’

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