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Neo-Nazi group plasters ‘Happy AIDS Month’ posters around Australian city

Written by gaytourism

A poster taking aim at Pride month appeared around Melbourne. | Photo: Facebook

A notoriously homophobic Neo-Nazi group has taken aim at Pride Month in a series of posters plastered around an Australian city.

The Antipodean Resistance which describes itself as ‘Hitler’s Youth’ put the posters up in the southern city of Melbourne on Monday (25 June). The posters appeared in the inner-city suburb, Prahran, which has one of the highest LGBTI populations in Melbourne. People spotted the posters along the busy shopping strip, Chapel St.

Reading ‘Happy AIDS Month’ the poster features a sickly looking man holding a placard reading ‘What are you doing about A.I.D.S?’ over a Pride flag background.

The posters also sites statistics that gay men make up the majority of STI and HIV cases.

‘Gays are a walking disease,’ the poster concludes.

The Antipodean Resistance’s logo appears at the bottom of the poster.

One of the posters seen in Melbourne over the weekend. | Photo: Facebook

The fight for equality is still long

Federal Greens Senator Janet Rice lives in Melbourne and said the posters shocked her.

‘These homophobic posters along Chapel Street are appalling,’ Rice told Gay Star News.

‘Our city is one of inclusion and should be a place where everyone feels safe to be who they are. It just goes to show how far we still have to go in the fight for equality.’

A police spokesperson told Gay Star News police were investigating the posters.

‘Police are investigating after a number of racist and homophobic posts on poles along Chapel Street Prahran on 25 June,’ the spokesperson said.

‘Police received a number of calls from the public regarding the posts. The posts have now been removed and police will review CCTV in the area as part of their investigation.’

Neo-Nazi homophobia

The group has a long history of racist and homophobic actions. It was a vocal opponent to marriage equality during Australia’s national postal survey on the issue.

During last year’s postal survey they posted homophobic stickers featuring Nazi swastikas around a university in Tasmania.

The Antipodean Resistance group describes themselves as seeing the country ‘for what it is: terminally ill’. They also describe Australia as ‘weak and crumbling under the weight of progressive degeneracy’.

It also has a ‘no poofter’ policy: ‘we don’t allow homosexuals or other sexual deviants in our organisation’.

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