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New gay dating app has ‘bank-level’ security for those afraid to be outed

Written by gaytourism

Taimi is the latest gay dating app. | Photo: Supplied

A gay dating app designed by former Silicon Valley workers has some of the tightest security of any dating app.

A group of anonymous tech guys from the world’s global center of technology, Silicon Valley, created Taimi. They said they created ‘the safest gay dating & social media’ after facing alleged workplace discrimination because of their sexuality.

‘Their careers slackened off because of the sexual orientation. Thus, they decided to create Taimi as a tool to strengthen LGBT+ community, to give its members a safe medium for expressing themselves and to promote LGBT+ rights worldwide,’ the developers wrote in a statement.

Taimi is a word play on ‘tame me’ which the company hopes will show ‘dedication to building long-term relations between our users’.

Its developers hope to foster a sense of community amongst LGBTI people. They said Taimi ‘is created for gay people who are looking for long-term relationships, friends and quality networking’.

‘The app users can easily and safely search for partners as well as interact in other ways by creating posts, discussions, events, corporate and NGO pages. To help users connect closely, Taimi gives them an ability to make video calls inside the app,’ they said.

Next level security

Taimi’s developers said they have made one of the most secure dating apps in the world. Some of the security features include; hand-picked moderation of user profiles, ID-scan personality confirmation, two-factor authentication and other features.

‘We feel responsible for our users that is why we create safe and enjoyable communication environment for LGBT+ both on- and offline,’ developers said.

The app’s launch out of beta mode comes weeks after it was discovered, Grindr – one of the world’s most popular dating apps – had shared its user data, including HIV status, with third party companies.

But top-notch security isn’t the only objective of Taimi. Its developers want to link its users with relevant support organizations and provide health information.

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