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New season of Will & Grace will feature a ‘big fat gay wedding’

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Will & Grace will feature ‘big fat gay wedding’ in new season. | Photo: Twitter

Will & Grace will feature a ‘big fat gay wedding‘ in its upcoming season.

The new season (this will be the 10th season and second since the show’s revival) drops 4 October and it looks like there’s a huge celebration in store.

Posting to Twitter on Tuesday (4 October), the official Will & Grace account tweeted a teaser video of the upcoming nuptials.

They wrote simply in the tweet: ‘Get ready for a Big Fat Gay Wedding’.

But they’re not revealing who exactly is tying the knot.

The video starts with a bride throwing the wedding bouquet.

When Will, Grace, Jack and Karen turn around to see it floating through the air, they all scramble to try to catch it.

The words ‘Being single is so last season’ flash across the screen as the Etta James classic At Last plays in the background.

But who could it be?

At the end of last season, Jack’s boyfriend Estefan proposed. Grace’s dad and Will’s mom also announced their engagement.

But fans believe the wedding might not be as obvious as that.

Some guessed Will and Jack may even end up tying the knot, or even Will and Grace.

We’ll just have to tune in to find out for sure.

Cameos for the upcoming season include Matt Bomer, Adam Rippon and Chelsea Handler.

Last season also saw the death of fan fave Rosario.

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