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Newlyweds Ellen Page and Emma Portner discuss their beautiful relationship

Written by gaytourism

Emma Portner and Ellen Page | Instagram/ellenpage

Married couple Ellen Page and Emma Portner have said the loveliest things about each in a new interview.

The pair tied the knot last month, before sharing a picture of their wedding rings on Instagram.

Speaking to the New York Times, Oscar-nominated actress Ellen and the dancer-choreographer Emma revealed how they felt connected to each other before ever actually meeting.

‘I thought, damn, this girl is so talented and so cool’

Emma admitted watching one of the Ellen’s films ‘when I was about 12,’ furthermore adding: ‘ I remember my friend saying: “You are just like this girl.” I knew we’d cross paths someday — I just wasn’t quite sure when or how…’


Meanwhile, Ellen revealed that she first spotted Emma’s dance videos on Instagram before they connected in real life. ‘I thought, damn, this girl is so talented and so cool. I knew right away we were both creative spirits.’

Ellen has now began appearing in her wife’s online dance videos. ‘In dance, there really aren’t many female directors or choreographers in the forefront who are really pushing boundaries. It’s important to shed light on that,’ said Emma.

The stars also offered an insight into how they spend their free time: namely hiking to spots like Joshua Tree in California. ‘We’re both Canadian, so of course we have to go to a hockey game,’ said Juno star Ellen.

Well, naturally!

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