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Nino Fortson is the 10th transgender person murdered in America this year

Written by gaytourism

Nino Fortson of Atlanta, Georgia

Nino Fortson is the 10th known transgender person to be murdered in the US in 2018. He is also the first transmasculine person to be killed this year.

What happened?

36-year-old Fortson was shot multiple times during an argument on the morning of Sunday, 13 May in Atlanta, Georgia.

Initial reports of the incident misgendered Fortson.

According to the CBS46 report, police were on a traffic stop when they heard gunshots. They rushed to the scene to find the mortally wounded Fortson. They took him to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Remembering Nino

Fortson was known in the Atlanta ballroom scene as a gender-nonconforming individual who frequently walked in the ‘Butch Realness’ category.

Those close to Fortson posted memorials on social media.

Anything else?

On top of being the 10th trans person murdered this year, Fortson was also the 6th black trans person killed. Fortson’s death comes just days after the murder of Carla Patricia Flores-Pavón, a transwoman from Texas.

The Atlanta Police Department is urging anyone with information about Fortson’s death to call their tip line at +1 (404) 577-8477.

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