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North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival moves into its 10th year

Written by gaytourism

If you’re in or around Lousiana over the next few days, there’s a birthday party you might want to consider stopping in on.

Special celebrations will be on the cards for the North Louisiana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (NLGLFF), which has just entered its tenth year and is currently welcoming guests.

Celebrating LGBTI culture and community on celluloid, the festivities will run from 7-13 of September, and will also host a number of movies, discussions, and receptions.

‘It’s so much fun. You get swept up in the event and the whole grandeur of it all,’ festival chairman Sam Ortiz told AP.

Ortiz also noted how important inclusivity was to the event.

‘More than anything, I’d like for as many straight people as possible to come to this festival because they’re the ones who need education. They’re the ones who maybe could learn a lot about our population from coming to a festival like this,’ Ortiz said.

Different perspectives

The organizers maintain that on-screen representation of LGBTI culture is important to reinforcing the community and sharing different perspectives.

Short films, documentaries, and feature-length comedies, dramas and romances were picked by the NLGLFF’s Film Selection Committee. The film selections include a good few recognizable names, which include Paul Rudd, Constance Wu, Michael Chiklis, and Steve Coogan.

Topics will be addressing a number of issues which the LGBTI community is familiar with, such as acceptance and expreiencing predjudce.

‘It’s important to see people like you that you can identify with and you can see your story. It helps you to feel less alone,’ Ortiz added. ‘[The NLGLFF’s mission is] to recognize important contributions that LGBT people have made to our culture, educate the general population and raise awareness of LGBT concerns.’

Local drag performers will host a ‘Drag Brunch’ at noon on Sunday (9 September) at the Robinson Film Center, which will showcase the talents of Lady Phat Kat, Sarina Styles, Jade Summers, Mya Andrews, Aubrey Synclaire and Ashley Johnson.

At 2:30 pm, there will be a double feature showing of ‘Hurricane Bianca’ and the sequel ‘Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate.’

More infomration can be found on the festival’s website and Facebook page.

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