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Norwegian government bans all unnecessary travel to Norway

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Entry to Norway will only be allowed to persons with a necessary purpose for travel from the night to Friday, the Norwegian government has decided.

The measure is in accordance with the recommendation of the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

“In practice, the border is closed to everyone who does not live in Norway,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) said, adding that there are some exceptions.

“This ensures that critical goods and services arrive in Norway, but it means that many immigrants who work in Norway cannot come to the country in the coming weeks,” she added.

The rules will be re-evaluated in two weeks. However, the new and stricter rules for entry can last beyond the initial two weeks, Solberg warned.

“We must be prepared for the fact that we will have stricter entry restrictions longer than these 14 days,” she noted.

Solberg: The R-number is 0.6

The national corona measures have worked, Solberg added. The so-called R-number is estimated to be 0.6

“The weekly report from the FHI for week 3 shows a 53% decrease in the number of infections since week 1, which was the worst infection week in the pandemic,” Solberg said at a press conference about the corona pandemic on Wednesday.

She said that the R-number is estimated to be 0.6. The R-number indicates how many people a corona-infected person infects. 

The R-number must be lower than 1.0 for the infection in society to decrease. If the number is above 1.0, the infection will increase.

“I asked the Norwegian people to join efforts on January 3. This effort most likely contributed to the mutated virus not spreading as much as it otherwise would have… Many thanks to everyone who has done so,” Solberg said.

Source: #Norway Today, #NorwayTodayNews

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