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Nyle DiMarco shuts down columnist who says burqas ‘disrespect’ deaf people

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Nyle DiMarco on holiday. | @nyledimarco / Instagram

Model Nyle DiMarco perfectly shut down a columnist who claims burqas ‘disrespect’ deaf people.

Times columnist  took to Twitter yesterday (8 August) to suggest facial coverings for Muslim women ‘disrespect’ deaf people who rely on lip reading to communicate.

He tweeted: ‘Many reasons to dislike the burka (sic), but disrespect of the deaf (who often need to see faces to follow communication) always high on the list.’

The bizarre tweet drew wide criticism, but especially from members of the deaf community.

One person responded: ‘As a deaf person, I kindly ask you not to speak for me. I do not find it disrespectful and encourage those to wear and be able to wear whatever they want and choose. It’s their face and their right to cover it!’

Martin responded: ‘I didn’t say I speak for you. I kindly ask you not to suggest that I say I speak for you.’

Then another person tweeted in response: ‘Iain, you say you “didn’t say” that you speak for us deaf people. But here you are deciding what is and isn’t offensive to us. If you are yourself a deaf person then you can speak for YOURSELF how you feel. For MYSELF as a deaf person, women should wear what they choose.’

Nyle DiMarco responds

Then America’s Next Top Model winner and Dancing with the Stars winner Nyle DiMarco jumped in with the most succinct shut down.

He quote-tweeted Martin and just wrote: ‘lmao we deafies don’t care’

A Twitter user then pointed out the definition of ‘Deafsplaining’.

It’s ‘hearing people (especially those who have no understanding or experience) speaking for the Deaf.’

To which DiMarco ‘liked’ the tweet.

DiMarco then  quote-tweeted Martin again.

He said: ‘Councils across England (your country) slashed £4 million of specialist education support for deaf children this financial year. Deaf students are at risk. NOW that is disrespectful.’

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