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Nyle DiMarco slams Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Foxx for promo he says mocks hearing impaired

Nyle DiMarco is first LGBTI winner of Dancing With the Stars.

Nyle DiMarco is accusing Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Foxx of being disrespectful of hearing impaired people.

DiMarco, the first LGBTI champion in the history of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, took to Twitter to slam the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show and the Oscar winning actor for a recent promo.

The spot last week showed Foxx jokingly pretending to translate host Fallon’s comments into sign language.

DiMarco tweeted: ‘It is straight up disrespectful to make up sign language.
Everything is in gibberish. How was this allowed? Where’s the cultural sensitivity. Not comedy when you make fun of others.’

DiMarco was not through.

He then followed up with a lengthy and strongly-worded post on Twitter in which he stated in part: ‘We simply do not make fun of other cultures, especially those with a history of being marginalized. When we do this, progress takes a step backward.

‘Sign language is important to me because it’s the bedrock of Deaf culture. … What Foxx did on Fallon Tonight made our struggle that much harder.’

The sexually fluid model and dancer is also a past winner of America’s Top Model.