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Nyle DiMarco’s cowboy hat is making us want to visit Colorado

Written by gaytourism

Nyle DiMarco, the sexually fluid model, has been getting into the spirit of things in Colorado this week.

The Dancing With the Stars champ posed in a classic 1980 Ford truck while visiting the tiny town of Breckenridge.

Found in Summit County, it’s a popular ski destination with fewer than 5,000 permanent residents. It’s also the perfect base for outdoor adventures in the summer months.

The star also donned a cowboy hat, a pair of overalls and a Levi’s denim jacket for another shot, looking rather like the lost love child of Jack Twist and Del Mar from Brokeback Mountain.

(Even though the film and book are set in Wyoming, and the film was actually shot in Canadian Rockies…)

Nyle grew up in Frederick, Maryland. As well as a model and actor, he is known for being a tireless deaf activist.

The star often posts pics of his travels on Instagram.

But now he’s spotlighting the are five fast facts about the The Centennial State, called as such because it became a state in 1876, 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence…

A perfect example of Coloradan natural beauty! | Photo: Pixabay

1 Colorado is the 8th largest state in the US

It covers a gigantic 269,837 km². Conversely, it falls near the middle in terms of the most populous states, at number 21, with 5,540,545 inhabitants. (California, with 39,250,017, comes out top).

2 It’s home to the world’s largest flat-top mountain, Mount Elder

There are a further 58 mountain peaks that stand in higher than 14,000 feet. Colorado has the highest average elevation in the US.

Denver, Colorado | Photo: Pixabay

3 The capital, Denver, is home to 683,000 people

Its population is comparable in size to Seattle in Washington, Boston in Massachusetts and Nashville in Tennessee. All clock in between 650,000-750,000.

4 Colorado has 300 days of sunshine per year

This makes it a four season destination. And of course, the Rocky Mountain National Park is amazing whatever the weather!

The bald eagle is emblematic of Colorado | Photo: Pixabay

5 It’s also home to 1,500 ghost towns and 960 wildlife species

Plus 130 wineries and 312 craft breweries, according to

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