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Off-duty Atlanta cop filmed calling this man a ‘f*ggot ass n*gga’

Written by gaytourism

Police in Atlanta have said they are investigating one of its officers after footage of him emerged appearing to call a man a ‘f*ggot ass n*gga’.

The member of the public at the receiving end of the comment was Sir Page, a model, actor and President of the local chapter of Black Lives Matter. Under the name Sir Maejor, the actor, who has albinism, appeared in season three of American Horror Story.

Page filmed the incident on 26 January near Five Points Station, Atlanta. Page had called police to report two illegally parked cars blocking traffic.

In the footage, he approaches the plain-clothes officer and asks him if he works for APD [Atlanta Police Department].

The man, irritated, replies, ‘f*ggot ass n*gga’, get the fuck away from me.’ He then makes to walk away.

‘You called me a f*ggot ass n*gga’, get the fuck away from me and you work for APD talking like that?’ Page says to the other cops stood nearby.

‘I bet you won’t have a job tomorrow … I bet you he won’t have a job tomorrow. He works for APD and he called me a f*ggot ass n*gga’?’

Page says he asked two uniformed cops at the scene for the identity of the officer but they declined to give it.

‘I’ve never had an officer say anything like this to my face ever before’

Page told the New York Post that he believes the officer made an assumption on his sexuality based on how he was dressed (which included ‘sparkly shoes’). He does not know if the officer recognized him as a leading activist with Black Lives Matter.

‘It was because of how I was dressed. I’ve never had an officer say anything like this to my face ever before. Who’s bold enough to say something like this to your face?

‘He’s obviously used to talking to people like that and people not doing anything about it. I wonder how he talks to gay folks and transgender people?’

A spokesperson for Atlanta Police Department [APD] confirmed to GSN the man who made the comments is a member of the department and the incident is being investigated.

‘The individual depicted in the video is an APD officer. The Office of Professional Standards has opened an investigation into his conduct.’

GSN has contacted Sir Page for further comment.

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