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Olly Alexander wants a thruple – but this is his preferred arrangement

Written by gaytourism

Olly Alexander | Photo: Press shot

Years and Years’ Olly Alexander has spoken about wanting to be in a thruple relationship – adding the caveat that he would still want to live by himself.

‘What I think would suit me was if I was in a thruple and the other two guys lived in a house nearby,’ he tells the BBC in a new interview.

‘I could visit them every now and then and they’d cook me dinner, and then I could just go home and watch TV by myself.’

Speaking about one of his past lovers, the Sanctify singer added: ‘He told me was straight and we became friends, and at a certain point the relationship tipped over into something more intimate – and it felt like we were becoming lovers.

‘And suddenly, there was just an explosion of pain and conflict.’

‘Clubs are almost like queer churches’

Speaking about his love of clubbing, Olly furthermore continued: ‘I think a lot about how clubs are almost like queer churches. You go and congregate and you dance. That’s always been a sacred experience for me, although it’s been both positive and negative.’

Years and Years’ new album Palo Santo is out on 6 July. Their last album Communion sold over a million copies worldwide.

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