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Ontario, Canada issues very first non-binary birth certificate

Written by gaytourism

Ferguson celebrating the news | Photo: Video/NowThisNews

Joshua Ferguson received the very first non-binary birth certificate from Ontario, Canada.

They initially petitioned the government to issue a new birth certificate. Ferguson’s original document identifies them as male, when in reality they identify as neither male nor female and, rather, non-binary.

This week, Ontario complied with Ferguson’s request.

‘It’s a victory for me. It’s a victory for the trans community,’ they said.

Ferguson initially traveled to Toronto to petition for the change.

The practice is becoming increasingly common in multiple countries. In Canada specifically, Gemma Hickey’s birth certificate victory last year, changing it from ‘male’ to X, was a first for the country.

It’s been a predicted step for the Ontario region. Last year, they began offering gender-neutral driver’s licenses and health ID cards. They now offer X or no gender at all on birth certificates.

Furthermore, Canada’s federal government said they will soon offer a third gender option on passports.

A rising trend

Other countries around the world are adopting similar stances.

In the United States, places like California and Washington began offering third gender options on various official documents. For states that don’t offer it, people are taking to courts to challenge the refusal.

Earlier this year, both Russia and Greece made it easier for trans people to change their birth certificates.

For the former, people no longer need to have gender affirming surgery for the change. In Greece, meanwhile, trans people no longer need surgery or sterilization.

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