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Paphos tourist board welcomes rural tourism support 

Written by gaytourism

The Paphos regional board of tourism supports the ministry of tourism plan to upgrade the local tourism product in communities, it announced on Friday.

“We welcome the initiative of the deputy minister of tourism for the preparation of this plan for the communities,” it said.

The council of ministers this week approved a plan by the deputy ministry of tourism aimed at boosting rural and mountain tourism.

The aim is to create a better product for visitors and increase the number of tourists in areas not usually associated with Cyprus, which is normally sun and sea. Communities can submit their requests for upgrades that will be subsidised by the government until March 31.

The implementation of such actions in the communities will help to upgrade the local infrastructure and the experiences for visitors and consequently increase traffic from locals and foreigners, the Paphos tourism board noted.

“There is an immediate need to address the main chronic problems such as abandonment and decline of the countryside, through a holistic and structured policy, and this is where everyone’s efforts should be focused.”

Creating conditions for dealing with urbanisation and the return of young people to the countryside is a key condition for achieving success, the board added.

New and basic existing infrastructure must be created and upgraded urgently the board said, adding a number of suggestions.

“Modern roads and transport networks, schools, hospitals, services and generous incentives must be provided, and investment in the countryside must be encouraged and supported. Concerning housing and staying in the villages, immediate short-term effective interventions must be made, which will provide a perspective for sustainable development.”

The Paphos tourism board call on the state to take the initiative and with the support of all to achieve in the coming years, the coveted development and revitalisation of the countryside, it added.

“This must be done always using a strategy that will ensure the viability of the rural development plan which must be prepared without further delay,” they concluded.