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Pennsylvania Catholic priest removed after lawsuit accuses him of sexually abusing teen boy

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The Allentown Catholic diocese in Pennsylvania removed one of their priests after a lawsuit accused him of sexually abusing a teen boy via Skype and Facetime.

Reverend Monsignor Francis Nave was the pastor at the Sacred Heart parish in Bath, Pennsylvania prior to his removal.

The lawsuit alleges Nave coerced the 16-year-old victims to commit sex acts during their video sessions.

Nave reportedly first contacted the boy in 2012 through a gay social media site. At the time, the boy suffered depression and Nave offered his counsel. He began to mentor the teen, telling him he just wanted to help and be his friend.

As the began to talk more, Nave convinced the teen to move their talks to Skype and Facetime, according to the lawsuit.

During some of the encounters, Nave would undress and masturbate on camera. He convinced the teen to do the same.

The teen allegedly took screenshots of some of these video sessions.

Preventing further trauma

‘This brave young man is coming forward to expose a sexual predator in a position of power at the Diocese of Allentown,’ said the teen’s lawyer, Jeff Herman.

‘He hopes to prevent future victims. It is appalling that in 2018 there are still sexual predators in the Catholic Church disguising themselves as men of God.’

The diocese contacted the police and removed Nave following the allegations. Police are investigating the case. They have not filed any charges yet.

Last year, the Vatican’s third-highest ranking Cardinal was charged with sexual assault.

Prior to that, a priest was suspended after being accused of molesting a teen boy and another cardinal groped male priests.

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