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People can donate air miles to help men escape Chechnya

Photo: Supplied/Laura

Hong Kong will become the next city to throw its support behind gay men who face persecution in Chechnya. Organizers of an event are asking people to donate money or air miles to help men escape Russia.

International LGBTI advocacy group is spearheading an event to raise money and logistic support for the men.

Last month it was revealed the Chechen government in the Northern Caucuses was routinely detaining, torturing and in some cases, killing gay men.

International organizations began helping the men to escape Russia altogether. Lithuania and France are two countries who have taken Chechen refugees so far.

Organizations such as, Rainbow Railroad, the Russian LGBT Network, and All Out funding campaigns have pooled their resources to coordinate efforts to help the men.

The Hong Kong event event will include a Skype session with organizers from Rainbow Railroad, an expert panel discussion on LGBTI refugees and live performances from local entertainers.

People who would like to help are asked to donate money or air miles to help at-risk individuals escape persecution.

‘True allyship has no borders,’ said Bess Hepworth, Founder of Planet Ally and lead organizer for the event.

‘The situation in Chechnya is absolutely dire and it’s vital our LGBTI community and our allies speak out and act in solidarity and support our brothers and sisters at risk in Chechnya right now.

‘We must ensure that kind of LGBT persecution this doesn’t escalate into blueprints for hate in other regions of the world.’

The event is happening on June 2, for more information email [email protected].