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Pink’s music video for new song Secrets features steamy same-sex dancing

Written by gaytourism

P!nk stars in new steamy music video featuring same-sex erotic dancing. | Photo: Pink / YouTube

Pink’s new song Secrets is an absolute bop, but it’s the music video getting everyone worked up in a sweat.

The relatively simple video features Pink (stylized as P!nk) singing among a group of sexy dancers.

As she sings, the back-up dancers couple up and start getting intimate.

Pink herself even starts to get close with one of the female dancers.

Pink with her arm around female back up dancer

Photo: Pink / YouTube

But then things take a sexual turn, as it becomes a free-for-all of everyone dancing and touching each other all over.

It really heats up when one of the female dancing couples starts kissing, while one of the male couples takes off their shirts.

One of the male partners lifts the other one up, while he’s grinding on him. One of them then pushes the other’s head down to his crotch.

‘Thank you for giving us gays everything we want!’

Pink took to Twitter yesterday (25 July) to announce the release of the song.

She tweeted: ‘I’m so psyched to share my new music video for “Secrets” with all of you! My dancers and I filmed this after a show in Perth [Australia] at a rad artsy warehouse.’

Pink sings in the lyrics: ‘I let the walls come down. I let the monster out, and it’s coming after me. Do you feel exposed where it hurts the most? Can you wear it on your sleeve?’

The song also talks about everybody having a ‘secret’ and putting ‘it in the closet’.

Many took to Twitter to speculate on the queer meaning behind the lyrics.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘p!nk’s new mv includes lgbtq+ people, queer poc, body positivity, p!nk dancing with a black woman and looking extra gorgeous and she did ALL OF THAT’

Another said: ‘Thank you for giving us gays everything we want! Queen of LGBTs!’

Watch Pink’s Secrets:

[embedded content]

When asked about her sexuality, Pink revealed last year she doesn’t like labels.

‘Just, leave it alone,’ she said. ‘I just wanna live my life.’

She continued: ‘I don’t need you to put me in a box or to figure me out or to figure out what I am. Cos I don’t know yet. And I never say never…’

She also gave a beautiful speech last year at the Video Music Awards about androgyny and beauty standards.

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