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Police make arrest in the death of a lesbian woman burned alive

Written by gaytourism

Kerrice Lewis with her best friend’s son. | Photo: Video/ABC 7

Washington DC police made an arrest in the death of Kerrice Lewis, a 23-year-old lesbian. They arrested Ashton Briscoe, a resident of Northeast DC, and charged him with first-degree murder.

On 28 December 2017, authorities discovered the body of Lewis afre responding to reports of gunshots.

She was shot and then burned alive in the trunk of her own car. Police reportedly heard Lewis’ screams when they arrived on the scene.

After they extinguished the fire, they found Lewis unresponsive with multiple gunshot wounds.

Lt. Brett Parson, who oversees the Metropolitan Police Department’s LGBT Liaison Unit, said at this time, ‘there is no reason to believe the issue of sexual orientation contributed to Ms. Lewis’ murder’.

Two other men were also killed on the same day of Lewis’ death. She allegedly knew both of them.

According to court documents, the deaths were all linked by a credit card scam.

The woman was looking forward to a ‘full life’

Lewis’ grandparents raised her after her parents died.

‘Anytime you lose a family member, especially like this, it just rips your heart out,’ her grandfather, William Sharp, said.

After spending some time in jail, Lewis began to take classes and turn her life around. Sharp said she was looking forward to taking more before her death.

2017 was the deadliest year on record for LGBTQ people in the United States.

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