‘Predatory rapist’ who targeted gay women in Manchester gets 20 years in jail

The man was found guilty on three counts of rape | Photo: Pixabay

A man described as a ‘predatory and manipulative rapist’ has received a jail sentence of 20 years.

Judge Timothy Smith, at Manchester Crown Court in Manchester City, England, labeled Ashfaq Khan ‘dangerous’ as he handed down the sentence.

Khan, 60, denies the three counts of rape he was found guilty of, and two of which happened last summer, according to statements made in court. He was previously convicted of a sexual offense a decade ago.

According to court reports, Khan parked his car at the Manchester city center, and then went to the Village, a gay nightspot.

He pretended to be a taxi driver to lone women and offered to drive them home before attacking them.

Targeted attacks

Smith further said Khan targeted ‘lone, vulnerable’ women.

Prosecutor Guy Mathieson described the incident of one of Khan’s victims.

After going to the Gay Village, she went to take a bus home. Khan approached her and was ‘persistent’ in driving her home.

‘It appears he was pretending to her that he had a taxi [driver], or at least was willing to give her a lift home,’ Mathieson said.

The woman eventually went with Khan and she noticed the car doors were locked. He complimented her, and she told him she was gay. Then he pulled over, pretending he had a flat tire, and raped her.

The prosecutor further told the court the woman got out of the car to be sick. After this, Khan raped her again, while she was vomiting.

Another woman left the club New York New York and accepted a ride home with Khan. She fell asleep and woke up in Khan’s house, where she texted her partner and sister for help.

This victim said Khan forced her to take sambuca shots before raping her.

‘You set out with a single-minded determination, to find lone drunk vulnerable women with one purpose on your mind, to rape,’ Smith said during sentencing.

‘You centred on the Gay Village area of Manchester as you particular place of interest, where you felt you were able to pick up and rape women with impunity.’

H/t: Manchester Evening News

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