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Queen channels Pride at Ascot with pink outfit and rainbow roses

Written by gaytourism

Secret messages of The Queen’s closet. Photo: @Spacemouse77

Queen Elizabeth II looked ever so pretty in pink yesterday when she turned up at Royal Ascot on Thursday for Ladies Day.

But was there a not so subtle nod to the LGBT+ community in Her Majesty’s choice of outfit?

We certainly think so.

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It wasn’t only the wonderfully bold and vibrant pink tweed coat and matching hat that got us talking. If you closely at the roses in her hat they appear to be rainbow coloured on the inside.

The fact that this is Pride month would be reason enough for Queen Elizabeth II to show off her best fuschsia, but Her Maj has plenty of personal reasons for doing so, too.

The Queen’s gay cousin – Lord Ivar Mountbatten – is set to marry his boyfriend later this summer. It will be the first ever same-sex British royal wedding.

And, as reported by GayStarNews earlier this month, the monarch’s newest footman is an openly gay serviceman, Ollie Roberts. It’s all just so Downton.

Pink for Pride? Queen’s on trend outfit. Photo: AscotRacecourse YouTube

Secret signals from The Queen’s outfits

The longest serving monarch in British history is reputed to choose her own outfits for pubic occasions. She is also known for using her outfits to make statements on recent events or which reflect the current mood of the nation.

She was recently praised for wearing green on the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower block fire which claimed 71 lives.

The Queen also appeared to make a subtle show of support for Britain’s membership of the European Union when she gave the annual Queen’s Speech address parliament last year. The monarch wore blue and yellow – the colours of the EU flag – for this event.

So here we are, in the middle of Pride month and the Queen is bang on trend at the poshest horse racing event of the year, displaying pink and rainbows.

Rainbow roses in monarch’s hat. Photo: Ascot Racecourse Youtube

Prince Harry’s new wife, Meghan, may be the newest young and fashionable member of the royal household, but she’s got a long way to go before she could even come close to being as savvy as The Queen.

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