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Queer actor Nico Tortorella comes out as gender fluid with fabulous look

Written by gaytourism

Getting his makeup done | Photo: YouTube/them

Queer actor Nico Tortorella has come out as gender fluid, thanks to help from drag queen Trinity Taylor.

The actor, using the pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them’, appeared in a video by them. alongside Taylor. The makeover included sparkly purple facial hair as well as a dark bob wig.

‘I just pretty recently have come to terms with the fact that maybe I am not fully cisgender,’ they explais in the piece, as well as on Instagram.

‘This isn’t something I’ve actually talked about on a public level quite yet.’

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Being comfortable with yourself

Tortorella discussed the video in the Instagram post.

First they addressed their body.

‘My weight has fluctuated my entire life. For the past couple years, I started to really get into shape. Working out sometimes twice a day, diets, supplements, hormones, etc.,’ they wrote.

‘Remember, I am an addict.’

Tortorella then describes how they’ve been living lately — working out less, eating more, writing a book, and loving more.

‘I have days where I love my body, and days when I’m not happy; wishing I still looked like I did. Today I am telling you all of this to shed some light on body dysmorphia and body positivity.’

They also received a text from their partner, Bethany Meyers, with whom he is in a polyamorous relationship and married earlier this year.

This is what the text read: ‘Just a reminder that you are beautiful and your body is too. Use this workout tonight to clear your head and strengthen your body for your busy day tomorrow.’

To Milk

Tortorella also makes a comment about drag queen Milk in the video, which they apologized for on Instagram.

‘I feel terrible for calling her a smelly ass queen in the video. Truly,’ they explain.

‘Out of context it just sounds mean. The part they cut from the video was me saying she didn’t need to wash her drag anymore. She gets custom designer looks made because she is a supermodel.

‘Milk is one of my best friends, my drag mother, and complete inspirations.’

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