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Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness thinks US politics shouldn’t go ‘too left’

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Jonathan Van Ness has shared some controversial politics ideas on Twitter. | Photo: Facebook

Queer Eye fan favorite, Jonathan Van Ness, has stirred up political controversy on Twitter and isn’t backing down on his opinions.

Van Ness took to Twitter to celebrate how many far-right candidates won primaries on Tuesday for upcoming mid-term and gubernatorial elections. The elections are happening in November and could potentially reshape the US House of Representatives and Senate.

‘Luckily a lot to [of] extreme right people won yesterday, meaning that if we can come up w center left candidates we can take back the house & senate, not to mention many state legislatures. It is so important for the left to not go too left or we are done for,’ Van Ness wrote on Twitter.

Let’s compromise

Van Ness who is well versed on political issues, defended his tweet. He said, ‘being able to compromise is what’s missing from both sides of the American political situation & the sooner we all get to a place of mutual understanding the sooner we will get out of this mess’.

Queer Eye’s ‘grooming guy’ responded to many of his critics who called him out for his views.

Van Ness argued candidates needed to not be too polarizing for centrist voters. He said that would help encourage a regime change in the White House.

‘Im not left punching – I’m just born and raised in Trump country and I know what it takes to calm that type of person and it’s not this,’ he wrote.

Tuesday’s elections

Tuesday’s elections did bring some positive news.

The primaries featured the highest number of LGBTI candidates – more than 400 ran for election – in US history.

Christine Hallquist also made history as the first trans gubernatorial nominated by a major party. Hallquist will contest the Governor’s race in Vermont.

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