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Queer Eye’s Kamaro on fatherhood and why he doesn’t identify as queer

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Kamaro | Photo: Instagram/Kamaro

TV star Kamaro Brown has admitted he and his Queer Eye cast mates don’t identify as queer.

‘I don’t [describe myself as queer],’ he says. ‘I describe myself as gay – I come from an old school where gay used to be a negative. It’s not negative anymore to me.’

The father-of-two was speaking to Marc Malkin on Facebook Live when he made the revelation.

‘I identify as a gay man’

He furthermore added: ‘Through the years, I understand the reclaiming the power with it, but queer is more an umbrella that encompasses so many other people and for me, I identify as a gay man. I have a lot of friends who identify as queer. I don’t know if any of the guys on [Queer Eye] identify as gay.’

He also added: ‘None of us identify as queer. I don’t know about Jonathan, We never asked if Jonathan identifies as queer. I know that me, Bobby and Tan identify as gay men. Antoni identifies as a gay man… I don’t know what Jonathan identifies as. I would assume gay but I don’t know.’

In his latest interview, the 37-year-old also reveals that his 21-year-old son Jason might follow in his footsteps and enter reality TV.

Kamaro first appeared on Real World: Philadelphia in 2004. Now, Jason is considering joining the MTV show. ‘I thought he was joking…but he showed me the application,’ says Kamaro. ‘He literally applied and sent his application off.’

‘His mother is the last girl I dated when I was in high school’

Kamaro found out he was a father when he was 25 years old, when Jason was aged 10.

Opening up about his fatherhood journey, Kamaro furthermore continued: ‘His mother is the last girl I dated when I was in high school. She got pregnant and moved away and I found out about him when I was 25.

‘His mom’s sister when [I was on Real World], said to him, “That’s your father,” which made him watch the show to watch me. He put it in the application that “not only does this mean a lot to me because my dad was on it, but the first time I even saw my dad was when he was on The Real World.”’

Kamaro also adopted Jason’s half brother

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