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Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown says we should forgive Shania Twain

Written by gaytourism

This member of the Fab Five preaches forgiveness | Photo: YouTube/One TV

Recently, singer Shania Twain (and Canadian citizen) came under fire for saying she would have voted for Donald Trump.

Though she apologized, many fans were unhappy she made the comments at all. Her reason for voting for him? She explained: ‘I would have voted for him because, even though he was offensive, he seemed honest.’

However, one person thinks fans need to be a little easier on her — Queer Eye’s cultural guru Karamo Brown.

While talking with entertainment journalist Marc Malkin, Brown mostly shrugged about Twain’s comments.

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It’s in our nature to forgive

‘As a community, we are very forgiving,’ Brown said.

‘It’s in our nature, because we have been treated so [badly] by people in our family and our friends who didn’t accept us as we go on our journeys that we’ve learned how to be empathetic and to forgive.’

Unlike Twain, Brown continued, who’s Canadian and not actually eligible to vote, ‘many of our friends and family members did make that vote’.

Ultimately, he simply decided that ‘one vote doesn’t define her as a woman’.

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