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Queer gamer SonicFox wins gaming world title, immediately tweets: ‘I’m gay’

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Queer gamer SonicFox. | Photo: @SonicFox5000 / Twitter

Dominique McLean (better known as ‘SonicFox’) won the Dragon Ball FighterZ world title at 2018 Evolution Championship Series last night (5 August).

The self-described ‘Black Queer Furry’ gamer beat 2,575 other entrants in the event held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

The 20-year-old gamer plays in his blue fox costume to represent his eccentric ‘fursona’.

This is SonicFox’s fifth Evolution Championship Series (also known as Evo) title – four of them in separate games.

As soon as he won the championship, he donned his iconic fox head costume and tweeted: ‘im gay. also the best dbfz [Dragon Ball FighterZ] player on this fucking planet dont forget it.’

He walked away from the tournament with an Evo trophy and $15,000 (£11,500 €13,000).

SonicFox isn’t afraid to unapologetically be himself.

After the event, he told ESPN: ‘The more fame that I have, the more I realize, why should I care what people think about me when I can just be me?

‘That’s how I made my brand. You should just always be yourself and there will always be people who will like you,’ he said.

Surprise same-sex kiss

During the Evo series over the weekend, Marvel player Tayson Defas made it to Top four and then something remarkable happened.

His boyfriend and fellow gamer Sebastian ‘Sol’ Oliva ran up to him on stage during a meditation session and planted a long romantic kiss.

Without batting an eyelid, Defas’ competitor looked at the camera and held up his hands to form a heart.

The audience also erupted into cheers and applause in the background.

Despite the cute kiss, Defas did not make it through to the final.

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