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Read the horrifying and homophobic letters sent to a gay US politician

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Brian Sims | Photo: Facebook/Brian Sims

Brian Sims, an openly gay Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, revealed his office recently received hateful and homophobic letters.

He made a Facebook post with images of the hand-written letters on Tuesday (26 June).

‘DEAR BIGOTS,’ he wrote in all-caps. ‘When my Office gets letters like this, I’m reminded of today’s Marriage Equality anniversary and of last night’s Democratic National Committee #LGBTQ Gala.’

Sims continued: ‘My PRIDE in being a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities is so much greater than any nastiness or aggression you’ll ever send my way because of it. This is a battle you can’t win.

‘My communities are stronger than you, more resilient than you, and have more reasons than ever before to FIGHT for our country!’

He concluded with the hashtag #YouAlreadyLost and also asked Facebook to keep the post up as a ‘reminder of what Pride looks like for far too many people’.

Brian Sims' Facebook post

Sims’ FB post | Photo: Facebook/Brian Sims

He posted the same to Twitter as well.

Despicable language

Both letters are full of truly horrifying and despicable language. They are posted below.

WARNING: The first contains numerous profanity and slurs.

The first letter sent to Brian Sims

Letter #1 | Photo: Facebook/Brian Sims

The letter begins: ‘To the dick sucking f*ggot Brian Sims.’

A majority of the letter is about sexual activity, such as commenting on Sims’ beard ‘so your f*ggot partners will feel like they are fucking a vagina when they bang your face’.

It also refers to Sims as a ‘weak minded no moral piece of shit’ and to Philadelphia as a ‘shit hole city’.

The second letter is shorter but no less horrifying, as it talks about ‘more Pulse Nightclub incidents’.

The second letter Brian Sims received

Letter #2 | Photo: Facebook/Brian Sims

According to Philly Voice, Sims also posted an image of the envelope, although it appears to be gone now. It reportedly read: ‘Retired USA sniper.’

Threatening government officials is a felony under US federal law. It is a Class C or D felony and typically carries a maximum punishment of 5-10 years imprisonment.

An outspoken civil servant

Sims has long been an outspoke figure, both as a liberal politician and an LGBTQ activist.

Recently, he made headlines with a Twitter post welcoming Vice President Mike Pence to Philadelphia. His welcome involved giving Pence the middle finger.

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