Rebuilding Travel: Hear from Ministers, Tourism Leaders and ask questions

Indonesia and Eswatini are taking a lead together with former UNWTO Secretary General, and leaders in 127 countries to rebuilding travel and tourism.

  1. eTurboNews Readers and World Tourism Network members are invited to participate in the live Q&A with ministers of tourism.
  2. The Rebuilding Travel discussion is one year old and maintains the lead in global discussions with tourism stakeholders from 127 countries.
  3. Hospitality, Aviation, Transportation, Environment, and Government policies are to be discussed today at the public rebuilding travel zoom conference. makes it easy for stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry to discuss the future of the industry with travel and tourism leaders, including the Minister of Tourism from Indonesia and Eswatini, along with a former UNWTO Secretary General, and many more.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is the ministry in Indonesia.

HE Sandiago Uno, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, will be the keynote speaker on Friday at the Rebuilding Travel Discussion by the World Tourism Network.
He will be speaking at the Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa Session at 7:00 am London Time on Friday, March 5.

HE Moses Vilakati, Minister of Tourism & Environmental Affairs for the Kingdom of Eswatini, will deliver his keynote for the second Rebuilding Travel Discussion for America, Africa, and Europe at 6:00 pm London time.

  • HE Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Dr. Taleb Rifai, Jordan, former UNWTO Secretary General
  • Alain St. Ange, Seychelles, former Minister of Tourism Seychelles
  • Datuk Musa Hj Yusof, Deputy Director, Malaysia 
  • Deepak Joshi, Nepal, former CEO, Nepal Tourism Board
  • Cuthbert Ncube, South Africa, Chairman, African Tourism Board
  • Vijay Poonoosam, former Etihad Airways, Chair; WTN Aviation Committee
  • Dov Kalmann, Israel, founding member
  • Sherin Frances, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board
  • Rudi Herrmann, Head, WTN Chapter Malaysia
  • Dr. Paul Rogers, Planet Happ
  • HE  Moses Vilakati, Minister of Tourism & Environmental Affairs, Eswatini
  • Louis D’Amore, founder, International Institute for Peace Through Tourism
  • Dr. Peter Tarlow, Tourism Security Expert
  • Cuthbert Ncube, Chairman, African Tourism Board
  • Aleksandra Sasha, Montenegro, Head, Balkan Group WTN
  • Dr Snežana Štetić, Serbia, Head, WTN Educationa lCommittee
  • Professor Geoffrey Lipman, President, ICTP; SUNX, Belgium & Malta 
  • Marikar Donato, Special Ambassador Federation of Tourist Guides 
  • Max Haberstroh, Germany

Any stakeholder in the travel and tourism industry can be part of the rebuilding travel discussion and join the World Tourism Network at

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