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Robbie Turner breaks silence on fake car crash, calls it a ‘vivid dream’

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Robbie Turner. | Photo: Facebook

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Robbie Turner has broken their silence after claiming they were in a car crash.

The season 8 queen posted a tweet 12 days ago, claiming to have been in an accident where his Uber driver was killed.

Uber, Queer/Bar in Seattle, and the police department opposed Turner’s version of the story.

After this, many fans called out Turner for being a compulsive liar. Others were more sympathetic.

And while some commenters claim they have been blocked for posting negative comments on his social media, Turner has not responded to the controversy.

Turner has now posted an apology on Instagram and given an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Robbie Turner posts apology after fake ‘car crash’

Much public attention followed my recent posts on social media. These were posts I regret sharing. I don’t remember much of that night, including leaving my place of employment. I do recall waking up bruised, disoriented, sore, and with an extremely vivid recollection of events that had, to my mind, absolutely occurred. It is clear to me that they did not, in fact, happen. The past few months have been very stressful for my family and I. The stress, depression, heartache and confusion during this time have overwhelmed me. On the advice of physicians and caring mental health professionals, I am taking a break from work and social media to spend more time with family and practice some important self-care. In addition, I apologize to Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s CEO, for naming a company I respect in such a negative public way. That’s not who I am, but it’s what I did, and I am sorry for it. I also extend my apologies to Queer Bar, as well as anyone who may have felt that my original post lacked sensitivity. For that I am also regretful. I appreciate the continued support of my fans and respect for my privacy during this time. I hope to take better care of myself, learn from this painful season and nourish what brought me joy about my art to begin with.

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‘I woke up with a headache, so my initial reaction was I thought I had a concussion,’ he said.

‘I more or less woke up worried that I had a concussion, [so I] made a scheduled post for when people would be waking up Sunday morning.’

This is presumably the tweet that states he didn’t get a ‘scratch’ on him.

Original tweet about the alleged car crash

Turner added: ‘After doing my own sleuthing I went to the hospital and got an affirmation that I had not been seen on Sunday like I thought I had, which was horrifying and embarrassing… And so I spent the next few days resting and trying to find out [what happened] from the police and the hospital and everything was turning up into a weird dead end and almost becoming comical to the professionals that I was seeing.

‘I thought I was losing my mind…. A friend of mine who is a therapist came over and told me that I should get a psych evaluation for the whole scenario, so I spent the next few days after that speaking to crisis counselors, and when I was finally seen by a psychiatrist.

‘I talked to them about everything that has been going on, even prior to the accident, because it’s just been kind of a nightmare in my personal life.

‘There have been many deaths and a lot of loss, and the social worker and psychiatrist [said] it sounds more like I had a mild mental break, and it was triggered by slipping in the shower and being slipped something [in my drink].’

‘Vivid dream’ brought on by possibly being drugged

He added: ‘There’s absolutely a larger bullying community now, and I think people like to use the term “calling out” as a cover, as a guise to what they’re actually doing, which is bullying someone. I personally don’t read a lot of the comments, and the things that I have seen have been screen shots that a friend will send… I don’t want to see any of it.

‘I’m already fully aware of what happened and what’s happening. But it is interesting to see that side of people that I’ve worked with in the Drag Race community.

‘It’s like, well, I hate to point it out, but no one is perfect and everyone makes large mistakes that they regret whether it be on a public level or not…

‘Unfortunately, I don’t think people have control, and they start reading one thing and turn it into a giant campaign to basically eviscerate someone when they don’t actually have 100% of the proper information.’

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