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Rod Stewart says he owes Elton John an apology for money-grabbing comments

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Rod Stewart on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in March (Photo: YouTube)

Veteran British rocker Rod Stewart has said that he owes Elton John an apology.

When Elton announced in March that he was embarking on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, Stewart expressed cynicism.

Stewart quipped on the Andy Cohen Show that labelling the 300-date tour as a ‘farewell’, ‘stinks of selling tickets.’

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The comment allegedly did not go down well with Elton, who has not communicated with Stewart since.

In an interview with Event magazine Stewart said, ‘I was a bit unfair to Elton. On a drunk night on television in New York, when I spitefully said, “I think it’s bang out of order that you announce a farewell tour every time, and it stinks of grabbing money.”

‘I wish I hadn’t said it. ‘I think he’s very upset with me. Penny [Lancaster – Stewart’s wife] keeps saying, “Send him an apology.” So I should really.’

‘We need gay men in the world’

In the interview, Stewart also talked about his family life. He revealed his youngest son, Aiden, 7, enjoys dressing in women’s clothes.

Stewart said that his son’s choice of clothing was not a concern to him. However, Lancaster – the child’s mother – didn’t want to encourage him.

‘My seven-year-old made his girlfriend a paper ring and gave it to her,’ he said. ‘But he’s like me, a big romantic. He’s been dressing up as a lady and I wanted to buy him a nice outfit for Christmas, but Pen said, “Don’t encourage him.”

‘I’ve seen lots of kids dress up as girls when they’re little, it doesn’t mean anything. And anyway, if he’s gay, so what? We need gay men in the world.’

Although some may question the 73-year-old rocker linking boys wearing women’s clothing with being gay, it’s hard to doubt Stewart’s long-term support for the LGBTI community.

Stewart began his career playing with gay blues singer Long John Baldry. In the early 70s, he had a hit song with The Killing of Georgie – a track about a gay friend killed during a hate attack.

Freddie Mercury

Besides his friendship with Elton John, he was also a good friend to fellow 70s bisexual superstar, Freddie Mercury.

Stewart, who is promoting new album, Blood Red Roses, expressed excitement at the forthcoming Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, saying he definitely planned to see it. He also recounted one of the last times he saw Mercury.

‘The last time I saw Freddie, Queen were having a party but he didn’t want to appear with the band. He was ill and he didn’t want everyone to know.

‘I remember going up this spiral staircase to see him and I said, “Freddie, come on, keep it together, man. You’ve got the best band in the world.” He leant around, he was really losing weight, and he said, “Rod, I’m far too tired.”

Mercury died in November 1991 from AIDS-related illness.

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