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Sally Field is playing matchmaker between her son and Adam Rippon

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Sally Field is the best wing-mom ever

Sally Field is officially all of our mom goals, as she is attempting to set up her son with an Olympian.

Her film director son Sam Greisman tweeted on Friday a text he received from his legendary actress mother.

Sally Field is the ultimate wing-mom

‘Just some really helpful advice from my mom on how to deal with my Olympic crush,’ he tweeted.

You can see Sam told her: ‘Lol and say what? To date me?? Haha.’

And then she replied: ‘Sam… he’s insanely pretty. Find a way..’

Sally then retweeted her son’s tweet, and tagged the figure skater.

Moms are nothing if not determined to do what’s best for their sons.

The actress has had her eye on Adam for some time. Earlier this week, she called him ‘amazing’.

‘You’re amazing Adam Rippon,’ she said. ‘Your Olympics won’t be about Mike Pence.

‘They will be about your excellence and your grace. And all the young boys and girls you’re inspiring.’

Adam Rippon would make an excellent son-in-law

Adam Rippon preparing to begin his short program.

Rippon preparing to begin his short program. | Photo: YouTube

At this year’s games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Adam became the first openly gay man to win a medal for the US at any Winter Olympics.

He took home the bronze medal in the men’s free skate.

How did he do it? He attributed his win to ‘witchcraft’, which is hilarious.

Take a look at some of the best responses to the epic wingwoman-ing.

Kevin O’Keeffe said: ‘Putting the ally in Sally.’

David Eric said: ‘The fact that Sally Field is really pushing for her son to run off with Adam Rippon is just making me love her more than ever.’

Slade said: ‘This is just crazy enough to work.’

And Michael put it simply: ‘Mother of the year.’

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