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Sam Smith accused of ‘fat-shaming’ woman

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Sam Smith | Instagram: Instagram/samsmith

Sam Smith has been accused by a woman of ‘fat-shaming’ her, after he shared a video of her half-eaten breakfast on social.

Pray singer Sam and his 13 Reasons Why star boyfriend Brandon Flynn were in LA when the incident occurred.

Photo: Instagram/samsmithworld

They were dining at Millie’s Cafe on Sunset Boulevard, when Sam posted an Instagram Story that featured the girl’s breakfast.

Zooming in on holidaymaker Lauren Brooks’ half-eaten French toast, he posted the caption ‘good going.’

‘Imagine if I was a girl who was even slightly insecure about her weight’

Brooks took offence, telling The Daily Star: ‘It seems as if he is fat-shaming me for having such a big breakfast.’

She furthermore added: ‘He has 9.5million followers – and anyone who knew me and followed him would recognise me right away.

Photo: Instagram/samsmithworld

‘Imagine if I was a girl who was even slightly insecure about her weight.

‘To have a celeb mock her for eating a meal would be horrendous.’

A spokesperson for Sam reacted to the news, telling MailOnline that the star was simply jealous of the girl’s ‘fabulous’ breakfast and meant no offence.

Sam has faced his own battles with his weight in the past. In 2015, he told A Current Affair: ‘If someone calls me a “f*****” it’s like, ‘I am gay and I’m proud to be gay’, so there’s no issues.

‘But if someone calls you fat, that’s something I want to change. That’s something I can change so that affects me more.’

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