Same-sex artistic duo JF. Pierets to wed in 24 countries for remarkable performance piece

The European artistic duo JF. Pierets is embarking on an incredible journey. As a performance piece on behalf of LGBTI rights, they will marry in 24 countries where same-sex marriage is legal.

Fleur Pierets and Julian P. Boom have been together for seven years and originally married in 2012 in Belgium. Now, they will travel to countries like Argentina, Iceland, Portugal, and more as part of the project known as 22.

According to the project’s website, it is one of ‘evolution and optimism’ to capture ‘the zeitgeist of a world in the midst of change when it comes to gender equality and human rights’. By traveling to the 24 countries that have legalized equal marriage, it also highlights the work that needs to be done in other countries.

Inspiration for the project came from realizing not many people ‘are aware of the fact that there are so few countries where same-sex marriage is legalized’.

The pair is currently in New York planning for the first wedding. From there, they will spend two weeks in each country before ending in New Zealand in October 2018. Check out the full itinerary here.

At the end of the performance piece, there will be an art and video installation to celebrate and document 22.

The title refers to the 22 countries with equal marriage when Pierets and Boom began planning. Since those stages, Malta and Germany passed legislation legalizing equal marriage.

The pair explained to Huffington Post they will not be renaming the project as it is meant to represent a ‘time capsule’ and ‘show that the world is in constant movement’.

You can see more of JF. Pierets’ work and projects here.

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