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San Francisco Airport set to rename a terminal after Harvey Milk

San Francisco Airport set to rename a terminal after Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 (Photo: YouTube)

San Francisco Airport looks set to rename Terminal 1 after murdered LGBTI rights hero Harvey Milk.

The name change was first proposed five years ago by former city supervisor David Campos. He suggested renaming the whole airport in honor of the campaigner – immortalized by Sean Penn in the 2008 film, Milk.

In light of the proposal, an airport naming committee formed. It decided to instead rename Terminal 1 of the US airport after Milk.

San Francisco Airport

San Francisco Airport lit in rainbow colors for Pride in 2015 (Photo: zoxcleb CreativeCommons2.0)

City supervisors Hillary Ronen and Jeff Sheehy proposed legislation reflecting the decision.

The Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee vote upon the legislation today.

On top of renaming the terminal, Ronen has proposed that it features artwork memorializing Milk.

‘In order to honor one of the nation’s great gay leaders, raise awareness of the history of the LGBT movement, and give hope to young LGBT people in cities everywhere, the Board of Supervisors finds it fitting that a terminal at the San Francisco International Airport be named in honor of Harvey Milk,’ states the legislation.

Harvey Milk remembered

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man to be elected to political office in the US when he was elected to the San Francisco board of supervisors in 1977. Serving Supervisor, Dan White assassinated Milk, alongside Mayor George Moscone, just a year later.

Last night, Campos, who is Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, tweeted his gratitude at the support for his original suggestion to honor Milk.

‘Thank you @HillaryRonen @jeffsheehysf for supporting effort to name SFO Terminal 1 after Harvey Milk. In the age of Trump it is critical to remember Harvey’s legacy.’

Renaming the airport terminal would cost an estimated $357,000 (€289,000), which includes replacement of signage and maps. Ronen agrees with Campos that it’s a price well worth paying. She points out the airport if the gateway to the city for many visitors, and it’s important to show ‘there’s a place where they belong’,’ reports San Franciscos Examiner.

Commemorating LGBTI heroes

The expected renaming of the Terminal follows the US Navy renaming a ship after Milk in 2016. Milk served with the Navy in the 1950s.

Last year, Argentina named a subway station in Buenos Aires after a former, local LGBTI rights activist: Carlos Jaúregui.

Some describe the former President of Argentina’s president of the Comunidad Homosexual Argentina, Jaúregui – who died of HIV-related illness in 1996 – as Argentina’s own Harvey Milk.

H/T: The San Franciscos Examiner

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