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Sarah Jessica Parker admits Sex and the City failed to represent LGBTI people

Written by gaytourism

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City 2 | Photo: Sex and the City 2

Sarah Jessica Parker has admitted that Sex and the City should have done a better job of representing the LGBTI community.

The star of the HBO series has said, if it was made today, it would be a ‘different show’.

Many have questioned why the the 90s/00s series have engaged in negative stereotypes about gay, bi and trans people.

Gay characters are often confined to ‘best friend’ archetypes, trans people are called slurs, and the show is responsible for one of the most biphobic scenes in TV history.

Parker admitted her character, Carrie Bradshaw, was very much a product of her time.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival, she said: ‘There were no women of color… and there was no substantial conversation about the LGBTQ community.’

She said change will take time and Carrie would want to be.a part of that change.

SJP: Sex and the City would be a ‘different show’ 

And, in regards to Time’s Up and the Me Too movement, she said Carrie would be a part of sexual politics.

‘I think Carrie Bradshaw is very much a product of her generation and I think her conversations about sexual politics and intimacy spoke to the years,’ she said.

‘As always, those years prior to being a young adult inform your worldview. I think that she would have a lot to say about this, and I would be curious to read [her] column if she could sit back and look at it.

She concluded: ‘You know, this city has changed – that was 20 years ago this June – this city has changed an enormous amount politically and economically and socially and I think it would be a different show, honestly.’

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