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Serbia’s lesbian Prime Minister claps back at homophobic minister

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Lesbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić. | Photo: Belgrade Security Forum / Flickr

Serbia’s lesbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić just clapped back at a homophobic minister in the best possible way.

Last year, Brnabić became Serbia’s first LGBTI – and female – Prime Minister. She was also the first leader to march in a Balkan Pride event.

She did all of this despite politicians refusing to back her for the leadership because of her sexuality.

And it seems this sentiment is still very much alive.

Minister Nenad Popović tweeted earlier this week against the promotion of same-sex couples as parents.

He wrote: ‘We are fighting as a state to increase the birth rate, but at the same time we import gay picture books from Croatia! This needs to stop immediately!

‘We must [resist] those who want to convince us that it’s okay to say “Roko has two moms, and Ana has two dads”.’

Ana Brnabić: ‘No government in the world’ should decide if same-sex couples can have children

In response to the homophobic remarks, Brnabić said: ‘His job is to make sure Roko, Stefan, Milos, and any other child stays in Serbia, instead of dealing with who their parents are,’ reports B92. ‘That statement is not fully in the spirit of tolerance that this government of Serbia wants to promote.’

She then said she would speak with him privately to sort out the issue.

The lesbian Prime Minister continued: ‘I think he mixed up every topic in that statement.

‘There’s no correlation between the birth rate and somebody being gay. Gay persons, too, have reproductive organs, and nobody, no government in the world can decide whether or not they’ll have children.’

Ana Brnabić

Photo: Ana Brnabić / Instagram

Speaking at Belgrade Pride last year, she said: ‘Many criticize me.

‘As a representative of the state, I am proud that our country has adopted anti-discrimination laws.

‘The level of discrimination of minority groups and members of national communities is in decline,’ she added.

Homosexuality in Serbia was only declassified as a mental illness in 2008. The country also upholds a constitutional ban of same-sex marriage since 2006 and there are no rights for same-sex couples in having children.

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