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Shangela tells RuPaul’s Drag Race fans not to ‘hate’ on Trixie

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Shangela after she found out she would not be in the top two of AllStars 3. | Photo: VH1

Shangela has called on the RuPaul’s Drag Race fans to calm down after the face crack of a century twist in the All Stars 3 finale which saw her miss out on the crown.

She was favorite to take out the crown after Ben De La Creme eliminated herself from the competition.

But in a shocking twist, host RuPaul decided the queens who were eliminated during the season would vote on which queens would make it into the top two.

Shockingly, Shangela did not make it only getting one vote in total. That vote unexpectedly came from Thorgy Thor who had called Shangela a ‘shady bitch’ during the season.

Trixie Mattell and Kennedy Davenport then battled it out in a final lip synch and Trixie was crowned the winner.

But Shangela revealed her epic lip synch plans had she made the top two, which included a piñata and glitter balloons on her ‘nether regions’.

Twitter has a meltdown

People were so outraged that Shangela didn’t make it into the top two, they took to social media to vent their frustrations.

The #ShangelaWasRobbed hashtag even trended on Twitter for a while.

Shangela says ‘no more hate’

Even though she was disappointed with the outcome, Shangela has asked Drag Race fans not to hate on Trixie or the eliminated queens who didn’t vote for her.

‘But, even in a time of disappointment, I don’t think sending hate or negativity is the way to deal with it,’ she told EW.

‘Don’t throw hate at Trixie. She wasn’t even on the jury who cut the four finalists down to the top two. But I wouldn’t throw hate to [the eliminated] girls, either.

‘The best way to move forward is to do just that: move forward with love and light.’

Shangela asked for fans to keep sending her ‘lovely messages’.

‘I need them and I appreciate them. I was also disappointed [by not winning], but the only thing you can control in life — even when the rules change — is how you react,’ she said.

‘And the way that I’m reacting is to stay motivated. Trust me, honey, I will never give up. I’m Daenerys Stormborn!’

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